The 5 Minute Formula to Finding Hot Prospects with Tradeshows

Land freelance tradeshow work.

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Welcome listeners of Ed Gandia’s B2BLauncher podcast!

Still not sure how to land hot prospects using tradeshows?

Seeking shows in your city or niche?

Can’t find the connect information for show managers, sponsors and exhibitors?

Over the last two days, more than 20 people have reached out for key information on finding contact information.

Here is the 3 step, 5 minute step by step (by step) formula I use to land tradeshow work.

Step One: Search for tradeshows by city, region or niche.

Looking to crack a city? Break into a niche? Expand? Do a search according to your goals. For example:

  • Search by city: Vancouver tradeshows
  • Search by region: California tradeshows
  • Search by industry: weddings tradeshows; paper products tradeshows and find shows from around the world

Shows can be local, regional or national. Some run in the fall and the spring, while others run across a country, jumping from city to city like a rock concert.

Step Two: Find 2 to 3 sites listing multiple tradeshows.

One of my favourite sites, which I’ve used in Vancouver, Canada and Tianjin, China is

There are also companies like dmg world media running shows in many industries and countries.

Tradeshows may also go under the names expos, conventions or conferences.

Step Three: Pick a show, any show, and click. (Connect 1 to 3 months out to land freelance tradeshow work) 

Click on the show. On the tradeshow site, look for juicy potential clients such as:

  • Exhibitors: seek an exhibitor list of hundreds and even thousands of companies attending the tradeshow
  • Sponsors: often larger companies and big brands with fat tradeshow marketing budgets
  • Show Manager: look on the Contact Us page – seek the Director, Show Manager, Show Producer – if you can’t find this person, call and ask for their contact information or just talk to them (yes, you can)

Let me know if you land freelance tradeshow work in the comments. Also, feel free to ask any questions.



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