Hello, I’m Amy Dunn Moscoso, a B2B Marketing Communications Writer.

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B2B Marketing Communications Writer

Origins of a Calgary B2B Marketing Communications Writer. Image courtesy of Blamethechicken at

I was forged in Yellowknife, Northern Canada, the Land of the Midnight Sun.

The skies glowed with Aurora, the bedrock was filled with gold and diamonds and the talk was of Mad Trappers, overnight riches and eccentric entrepreneurs.

I simply had to become a B2B writer.

10 Years as a B2B Marketing Communications Writer

My first professional writing gig was at an agricultural trade magazine. I wrote 5 to 8 features per month on renewable energy, developing agricultural technology and research. After a summer interviewing leading scientists, industry experts and family farm CEOs, I was hooked on business writing.  

Though I went on to be a senior publicist at a B2B marketing communications agency, a magazine and newspaper contributor and a B2B marketing communications writer at a digital marketing firm, I craved to work directly with driven CEOs and marketing directors.


The Financial Trade Center in Tianjin, China.

Now, I write for CEOs, Marketing Directors and editors from Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia in renewable energy, transportation, logistics, investor funding, executive travel and education.

We meet face to face in boardrooms or over a Starbucks vanilla latte in Vancouver, Seattle, Calgary, Tianjin and Beijing, or online.

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