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FitSmallBusiness.com POS Buyer Guide Earns Mention from New York Times

‘Be the Boss’ Blog


The Client

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B2B POS Buyer Guide earns mention in the New York Times ‘Be the Boss’ blog.

Based in Manhattan, New York City, FitSmallBusiness.com is an online community that helps small business owners in the United States improve their businesses and make informed buying decisions on software such as Customer Service Management (CRM) and services including shipping, while dealing with limited:

  • Time
  • Resources
  • Budget

American small business owners regularly come to FitSmallBusiness.com with a business problem and ask them to find the solution.

 The Business Need for Premium Content

Looking to create informative, actionable content for small businesses in the United States, FitSmallBusiness.com was looking for a long format content writer who would research, trial and write a comprehensive review of the top four SaaS and small business service providers in the U.S.

The Challenge

As a buyer guide content writer, I researched industries such as:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software
  • Point of Sale (POS) software
  • Merchant accounts
  • Credit card providers
  • Mobile credit card providers
  • Shipping services

After finding the most useful information American small business owners needed to know, I wrote in-depth Buyer Guides that would give small business owners the information they needed to save time and make informed buying decisions.

The Content PURPOSE: SaaS & Services Buyer Guides

Going beyond website copy and PR spokesperson key messages, I set out to find the top and up and coming providers. I researched, trialed and mystery shopped industries and wrote a series of four buyer guides focusing on pricing, ease of use, customer service, ease of implementation and integration, features and benefits. Guides ranged between 1,800 words and 2,800 words.

The Results

The Buyer Guides attracted comments from industry CEOs, spokespeople and small business owners and the POS Software Buyer Guide was mentioned under ‘Retail’ in the New York Times “Be the Boss” blog. The posts also drew attention, comments and affiliate opportunities from leading SaaS CEOs.

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