How to Write Blog Headlines for Ideal Customers: Try This Tool

Content Headlines and How People Read Content Online

Copyblogger states 80% read content headlines; just 20% read content. Research by the Nielson Norman Group indicates only 16% of web readers read everything.


Predict the impact of your content headlines.

Measure your content headlines before you publish. What content headlines appeal to engineers? Doctors? Marketing Directors? CEOs?

Do you strive to write content headlines that rock?

Is it a struggle to create content headlines that excite your ideal audience?

Try this content headline tool that works something like a Magic 8 ball. You can use it to predict if your headline is destined for stardom or failure. Read on to get the link and start testing your own headlines. *And check the P.S. at the end to find headline writing resources.

Copywriting Challenge: Can you crack the 50-70% range of the legendary copywriters?

Why content headlines are so vital

Headlines are essential because 80% of people will read your headlines, according to Copyblogger.

So that’s the upside, but what is the down? Only 20% of people will move past your headline and into your content.

Most won’t scroll down.

So how can you check your headlines once you think you’ve found a winner? (Before/instead of tedious rounds of A/B testing.)

Tool measures impact of content headlines

That’s where the Advanced Marketing Institute comes in with their awesome tool: the Headline Analyzer.

Analyze the “Emotional Marketing Value” of your headline in real time and tweak it for better performance.

Try it out and get a score that is cross-referenced against industry and find out the Intellectual, Empathetic and  Spiritual appeal-and how using words that fall into these categories appeal to your target audiences.

Headline Analyzer Tips

The tool breaks down just what effective headlines are and how you can measure them. Try to:

  • aim for scores that are at range between at least 30% and 40%, which the site states are the range of most professional copywriters.
  • Seek the 50% to 70% range (the realm of top copywriters, according to the site – which is harder to do than you might think)

Let’s take a look at an example headline that was analyzed:

How to Rock your Content Strategy

Headline Analyzer analysis: (hint: winner with moms over engineers)

  • According to the Headline Analyzer, this headline has an Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) of 67.67%.
  • The language is empathetic. According to the site, empathetic language elicits strong and positive emotional reactions from people.
  • Ideal customers that respond to empathetic language include:
  1. healthcare businesses and professionals
  2. careers such as doctors and nurses
  3. women and especially mothers

If you’re targeting healthcare, your job is done. If, however, you’re focused on engineers, then you need to start again. The Headline Analyzer states that engineers are more geared towards intellectual language.

An interesting trial would be to test a number of headlines that scored equally using this tool.

What do you think: is the Headline Analyzer the best tool to use to analyze headlines? Share your yes or no in the comments below and if you know of another awesome tool, do share.

P.S. Improve your headline writing skills with these 3 resources:

1. One of Copyblogger’s most popular posts: How to Write Headlines that Work

2. Jon Morrow’s 52 Headline Hacks

3. Social Media Examiner article on viral headlines

What’s your best headline? Share it in the comments below.


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