Investor Marketing Brochure

Company: Hebei SMART Cryogenic Technology Ltd.  

SMART LNG Solutions is an American-Chinese company that custom engineers LNG solutions for the global transportation industry. As North America, Europe and Asia convert land, sea and rail transportation from diesel fuel to LNG, the SMART’s orders exceeded capacity. To fulfill the demand for LNG solutions, the company sought to raise $10 million to increase the size of it’s factories. The Chairman required a marketing brochure making a case for the company to potential investors from China, Southeast Asia and North America.

SMART LNG Solutions

  • B2B Marketing Project: Working directly with the CEO, I led the creative direction, writing and look and feel of an investor-focused Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Marketing Brochure
B2B Marketing for Consultants, Professionals, Freelancers (Guest Blogging Series)

B2B Marketing for Consultants, Professionals, Freelancers (Guest Blogging Series)

Guest Blogging Series

 B2B Podcast Interview

Landing Clients before Tradeshow Season

B2B Marketing Writer for global tradeshows

  • Ed Gandia, author of , interviewed me for his podcast B2B Launcher, a show for high income writers. We discussed the   B2B writing business and how to market and land  ideal clients from global trade shows without ever leaving the house.
  • B2B Interview: Converting B2B Writing Clients Via Global Tradeshows

 Blog: Be a Freelance Blogger

Negotiating Consulting Rates

Blog: Make a Living Writing Blog (by Carol Tice) B2B Marketing

Landing Clients Make a Living Writing is an online community of professional freelance writers. As a member of the community, I pitched a guest post that helps freelance writers break the feast and famine cycle of work by going after global clients.

Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur Interviews Interviews with Entrepreneurs

Online Publication:

Women Entrepreneur Examiner

  • Author Page: Profiles on thriving Vancouver women entrepreneurs. From executives, award winners and up and comers to artists bringing fire and ice into the lobby of downtown Vancouver’s Four Seasons Hotel.
  1. Vancouver Artist in Residence brings fire, ice to Four Seasons Hotel
  2. At home in the forest: How Nancy Stibbard grew Vancouver’s Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Magazine Articles on China: Pollution, Shopping, Travel, Culture, Etiquette

Magazine Articles on China: Pollution, Shopping, Travel, Culture, Etiquette

Magazine: JIN Magazine

A division of China Daily JIN Magazine

  •  Feature Contributions: Tianjin Etiquette in Education; Progress in China’a War on Air Pollution; Tiger Moms
  • CEO interview on 9 years of business and living changes in TEDA, Tianjin, China
  • Shopping Column: Taobao; Air Pollution Face Masks
  • Travel: Taking on Tanggu; BinHai New Area Aquarium
  • Parting Shot (Expat Reflections): Urban China vs. Rural Japan; Hello Today, Goodbye Tomorrow

 Tianjin Air Polltion


Blog Articles: BC Wildlife Federation

Blog Articles: BC Wildlife Federation

Organization: BC Wildlife Federation

Environment Writer