Build B2B marketing assets to prove you’re THE ultimate customer solution

Document your experience and expertise for your customers.

As the CEO or Marketing Director, you’re already highly aware of your company’s key messages.

But are those messages clear to your ideal customers?

Do your key messages position you as a trusted authority, in a way that your customers, the media and key stakeholders intuitively grasp?

Influence your customers by clearly showing them how you’ll solve their problems with these key marketing assets:

  • key messages that build a powerful foundation for your marketing, sales and communications with ideal customers, on your website, online, at tradeshows, in meetings, during speeches and media interviews, social media, employee training and every point of contact with your customers
  • white papers clearly identifying your customers most pressing problems, and positioning your business as the ultimate solution
  • fast facts and industry reports showing you understand your customer’s industry, and the trends, factors and changes affecting them
  • case studies proving you have already solved the problems your ideal customers are facing now
  • ultimate buyer, how-to and process guides demonstrating your problem solving processes and methodology
  • authority building trade and online publications articles demonstrating your expertise, as verified by a third party publication
  • current blog posts, web articles and newsletters to build long-term relationships based on trust with your ideal customers
  • marketing brochures and sales pages positioning your products and services as solutions to customer problems

Value for your investment.

As a B2B marketing writer, I strongly believe marketing writing should provide a solution and drive results. I also believe that clients and marketing writers should enjoy working together to create the most effective marketing materials.

Project Quotes: I use discovery questions to determine the goals and scope of your project, including your ballpark budget. I’ll then send you a project quote and we can discuss it. Looking for a brochure? A white paper? Website copy? Let’s discuss your project and I’ll quote the solution.

Ongoing Marketing Communications Consulting: Are you looking for ongoing content such as monthly newsletter articles, monthly guides or long-format blog articles? For ongoing work, I often set up a monthly retainer with regular clients.

The more you know about your project, the easier it is to quote on your project. Here are some of the questions that I’ll ask:

1. What are your business goals?

2. Who is your target audience? What do you want them to do after reading your content?

3. Do you already have background information and can you forward it to me? (These kinds of documents are very helpful in creating content: A branding document,key messages, market research, a content marketing strategy, personas or target markets, a style guide, internal writing guidelines, samples of marketing materials and content that you either love or hate, a competitor that has a voice or style you love)

4. Do I need to conduct interviews with stakeholders and if so, how many?

5. What is your marketing budget and resources? (Is there a Marketing department? A graphic designer? Images to use?)

6. What’s your deadline?

Getting Started

Let’s solve YOUR business challenges and start building your marketing assets today.

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